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The Darvonians have invaded, and they want the legendary Stones of Horsh to give then the power to defeat the Benotripians. With her friends Jessicana and Astro by her side, Roseabelle sets out on a quest to find the stones first and destroy them.

Roseabelle's exciting new adventure is perfect for parents and children alike. The warm friendships, easygoing characters, and constant dangers will excite readers of all ages, and the magical island is sure to ignite your imagination.

"An eruption of pure imagination, The Stones of Horsh is thrilling and endlessly magical."

- Melissa Lemon, Author of Cinder and Ella and Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem

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When her mother—-the ruler of Benotripia—-goes missing, Roseabelle knows she'll need the help of her best friends and their combined powers to survive the perilous journey ahead of her, rescue her mother, and save Benotripia! Written by a young author, this exciting adventure story pulls you into a true fantasy world. A suspenseful and addicting read!

Read a review by Deseret News:

Two islands stand amid swirling seas of mist and oceans that stretch as far as the eye can see. Eleven-year-old Roseabelle lives on the tropical island of Benotripia with her mother, Danette, the island’s leader. When Danette suddenly disappears, Roseabelle, with her friends Astro and Jessicana, embark on a perilous journey to the dark neighboring island of Darvonia to save her mother and, if possible, Benotripia. This wildly imaginative tale will transport you to a fantastical kingdom that will haveyou discovering more adventure and intrigue with every page.


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When Anna Cradle moves from Virginia to California, she steps into a real-life adventure that is the stuff of fairy tales! When Anna finds a beautiful, rainbow-colored wall right in her own backyard, she climbs it with a little red ladder, and what she finds nobody could have guessed! The craziest and most fun part is—only she can see the world that is laid out before her. Join Anna in the first two colorful adventures of The Magic Wall Series as she journeys toward The Magic Meadow and the Golden Locket and Blue Lagoon and the Magic Coin to help her new fairy friends save Magic World!

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